What I'm about to reveal to you will absolutely without a shadow of a doubt bring you your true love, your soul mate your life partner...that one special person who is also searching for you


This isn’t just hype... it's been proven never to fail  which is why it's causing such a massive buzz and terrific excitement!


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Dear Reader,

Let me start with some facts:

There are millions of people online looking for love right this very minute - have you ever wondered why  you are still single?  Why you haven't met your soul mate yet?

Fact Two:

Finding love has nothing to do with the way you write your profile, add a photo, profile match or anything  else...it's something COMPLETLEY different

Fact Three:

There's a very real reason why you keep going around in circles year in, year out, on that never ending dating merry-go-round and yet still never getting any closer to finding 'the one'

Fact Four:

Thinking you'll never find true love is totally and utterly wrong...there is someone very special out there right now longing to meet you and to love you -and there's just one simple reason why you've not yet me

Fact Five:

Do what I'm about to tell you and just weeks from today you can be sharing a cosy romantic meal with not just anyone, but your genuine soul mate, that one special person who you always hoped and dreamed you'd meet....and soon will!  Massive statement I know, and no doubt you're a little sceptical right now but trust me, I don't say this lightly!  I say it because it's true...and better still I'll prove it!  


Let me introduce myself, my name is Chris Benson, you may have already heard of me because of the massive buzz that's been created due to the phenomenal success people are having with something that I'm now about to share with you, something that I promise WILL bring you your true love, your soul mate, your life partner.  This is proven,  it doesn't and cannot fail.  Now, I know that may sound unbelievable to you right now but I promise you this isn't hype,  THIS WORKS and there's a very real reason for that.  What I'm about to share with you has helped people such as Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Larry King,  Jack Canfield, Ellen DeGeneres and many, many more totally flip their lives right  around and now it's your turn...


Your soul mate is out there and is searching for you too - there's only one simple reason you've not met yet...


Does this sound familiar?

I could take a guess that maybe you are like I was?  You've used dating sites on and off for years, yet even though you keep meeting the wrong people, you still keep on using them hoping that one day you'll  eventually click on the 'right one'!  Yet you don't! You just end up more and more disheartened and get to the stage where you begin to wonder if you'll ever find 'the one'.  You start to think that maybe you should just settle for someone, 'anyone', because you're not getting any younger and you don't want to be on your own anymore.  You're fed up coming home to an empty house, making meals for one, night after night alone.  You dread Christmas approaching each year as you know that while everyone else will be cozying up with their loved one you're desperately wishing the time away until it’s all over and you can get back to normal!  You can't stand Valentines day, you wish it would just disappear. I’ve been right there and know exactly how miserable and empty it feels. 

But things are now about to change for you...

Just picture this for a minute…

How to find True LoveImagine you have met your true love, your soul mate, your life partner, that one special person who gives you butterflies in your tummy every time you think of them or hear their voice, the person who when you look into their eyes your heart skips a beat. Right now just imagine it.  How does it make you feel?  It makes you feel glowing inside, right, blissfully happy…I bet you’re even smiling too aren’t you!  Now you may think this person doesn’t exist because you’ve tried for many years and in many different ways to find them and no doubt failedYou may even have given up on the idea that your true love is out there…but don’t!  Let me assure you,  your soul mate is out there and if you follow what I tell you, I promise it wont be long before you are together.


How do I know this, OK  I'll keep this brief, I'm a researcher and not so long ago I had the most astounding discovery of my entire lifetime.  It completely blew me away as I uncovered the REAL reason that me and the many millions of other single people out there weren't finding love no matter what we did.    Yet what shocked me the most was there's actually just one thing, ONE THING that's stopping people from meeting not just anyone but their true love, their genuine soul mate.   I was utterly stunned.  This was like nothing I had ever seen before!  What I had uncovered would literally change lives.  I now had the answer as to why, after my years of trying literally EVERYTHING to find that one special person, nothing had ever worked...and can I guarantee you, this is the exact same reason that's stopping you from finding your true love too...until now.   I'm going reveal to you what I discovered and show you exactly how, if you follow what I tell you, you will very soon and with ABSOLUTE  CERTAINTY be in the arms of your soul mate...and there's a very real reason for this.    Excited?  Well you should be.  You see...


 It doesn't matter what you do online or off, you can dream about meeting your soul mate for years to come but it will always be just a dream, until you do one vital thing - the crazy thing is, it can be done in an INSTANT...and it changes EVERYTHING!


This can work so rapidly that many who I've shared it with have called it 'magic'...it's not magic, but it may feel like it though!  Thanks to doing this, that one special person I always dreamed existed, the person who was dreaming of me too walked into my life ALMOST OUT OF NOWHERE!  It blew me away!  I can't tell you how happy I am.  Within weeks my life had changed because of what I had discovered - and now yours is about to...




This is information is powerful stuff,  it changes lives -  so much so I was urged to create the ground breaking book 'How To Find Your True Love'  which has featured in some of the worlds most premier and  prestigious book expos.  The feedback I’ve had from people about 'How To Find Your True Love' is just phenomenal!  I’ve had countless happy reports of their finding a love they never in their wildest dreams believed could be possible, believed could happen to them.  A lot of these people had been trying everything to find love for many years. (You can read some of the feedback at the bottom of this page)


What you are about to uncover works!  and you will learn exactly why this is!  Not only has it worked for me but it has worked for countless others too both male and female, young and old, it works for absolutely everybody…and it will work for you too!

You’re going to discover

How to find True Love  Why thinking that you will never find love is entirely wrong.  That special someone, your true love, is out there right now waiting to meet you and to love you  


How to find True Love  The reason you keep going around in circles year in, year out, on that never ending dating merry-go-round and yet you're still no closer to finding 'the one'


How to find True LoveHow and why you cannot fail to find your genuine soul mate when  you discover this life changing information


How to find True Love   The secret that makes this work whilst you sleep!  Yes you read that correctly!   I'll show you precisely how to make this work while you do nothing more than sleep!  Unlike anything you've ever seen before - This will totally blow your mind...but it's true, it works and better still I prove it.

How to find True Love  There’s a very real reason why you have been not yet found your true love - and how to quickly and easily turn this right around


  How this plan is tailored precisely to bring you your own genuine soul mate and exactly why it can work so quickly that literally just weeks from now you can be in the arms of that one special person who you've always dreamed you would meet


How to find True Love  Proof…with examples you can try for yourself… that you can change the very course of your life in minutes!  This will astound you!!


How to find True Love  How and why this simple step by step, easy to follow plan works for everyone, no matter your age, sex or past…it works for all


How to find True Love  Why following this simple yet immensely powerful process that you are about to discover, your soul mate will appear in your life almost effortlessly...many say ‘magically’’

And much, much more…






”I’m so grateful to you Chris and feel so blessed that I found your book.  You’re absolutely right, this totally works and because of it I’ve found my Ed, who came into my life so quickly I couldn't believe! He's the most wonderful guy, the man of my dreams, the love of my life and I know he truly is my soul mate.  I  thank you from the bottom of my heart”.



"After years spent alone, I read your book and just 53 days later she came into my life! Speechless! You're right, this works and works fast too"                                                            Si Edwards

"...OMG! This really does work!  Just wish I'd found it sooner  Tracey.K


"My sister got me this book as I was fed up always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. No longer the bridesmaid I'm now to be the bride! I'm marrying my gorgeous Dan next spring. I'm so happy I could burst!  Thank you ssssssoo much"      Debs                                                                        


…”easy to read, easy to use and the best bit is, it really does work :0) I've got to hand it to you Chris, this really is a life changing book! I'm a sceptical kind of guy but I gave it a chance and it blew me away because it really does work! I'm now a very happy guy, who incidentally has just got engaged to the most beautiful and amazing woman! How my life has changed!

Us guys want to find love just as much as women (although we may not always like to admit it!) This just shows your book works for all!”

Nick W. Manchester, England


"From hopelessly single to head over heels in just weeks.  What can I say -  Amazing"     Leigh Spencer


"...I now understand why you say it can't fail, even for me"  Evie.H


I never thought it would work for me but it absolutely has. I'm happier than I ever dreamed possible "     Katie. F


I’d given up on the idea that I’d ever find the right guy. A girlfriend of mine had recently met and fallen in love with the most amazing guy, almost out of the blue.  When I asked her how she’d met him she told me it was through reading your book.  I got myself a copy and boy how my life has turned around! I've met the most amazing guy and we're both head over heels in love. I still can't believe it, I have to pinch myself sometimes as I can't believe this has happened to me after all those years of searching for 'Mr Right' and now, thanks to your book, I've finally found him." 

V. Neagarder, Sacramento, CA


"...Scary thing is, If I hadn't found your book I don't think id ever have have met Kim. Thank you so much for both of us"

Kim and Jules Vic, Aus





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How to find True LoveYour book will be delivered to you in a secure zip file.  This file will contain three different formats of the book enabling you to view it in your prefered application. Your zip file will include:




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You can change the rest your life starting right this minute...


You now have two options, you can keep on doing what you're doing and a year from now you'll probably still be single and fed up just another year older, another year wasted, still wondering why you haven't met 'the one'.  OR you can change your life today.  The power of one click can change your life.  Click the button below Now and in minutes you'll have your very own copy of ‘How To Find Your True Love’ and can finally look forward to a fresh new chapter in life, a chapter you can share with that one special person you always dreamed you'd meet The quicker you put this to use, the sooner your true love will be in your arms.  It's the best feeling in the world...and it won't be long before you're feeling it too.


Wishing you all the happiness I’ve found,

C. Benson

Chris Benson


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